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Pre-match notes: Carlos Salcedo at RB, Sabo-Plata pairing for start against Chivas USA

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After starting at center back and doing a reasonably good job at things, Carlos Salcedo has found himself back in the starting lineup, despite the return of Chris Schuler to the starting XI.

Salcedo's in at right back, starting for the somewhat-injured Tony Beltran (it would seem a bit of caution is being taken with his back injury — a herniated disc or some such). It's not Salcedo's first run-out there, as he's spent some time in reserves matches at the position.

Alvaro Saborio, who looked rusty last week, is starting again, and unsurprisingly, he's partnering the continually undroppable Joao Plata up top. Sebastian Jaime and Robbie Findley are on the bench as striking options late.

There's only one defender on the bench, too, which is a little surprising but not particularly distressing — we hope. Rich Balchan is there, and while he's been more often seen at full back for us (when seen at all, such has been his luck with injuries), he's touted as a central defense option, too. Both Chris Wingert and Carlos Salcedo could move centrally if necessary, as well.

A win puts RSL in the playoffs, and playing against Chivas USA, who now look to have an even more dismal future than we all thought last time we faced them, getting that win would seem to be high on Jeff Cassar's to-do list.

Further, RSL will be hoping to keep a clean sheet — something they haven't done since early August.