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RSL awful in 1-0 loss to Chivas USA; positives difficult to find

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake lost to Chivas USA.

Chivas USA, of course, the team on an 12-match streak without a win, looked pretty terrible. Real Salt Lake managed to look worse.

On a night when a win would have solidified a playoff berth, Real Salt Lake conceded a soft goal, saw a potential broken nose for Chris Schuler, and couldn't put more than one or two shots on target in 90 minutes.

Rich Balchan entered the match in the 39th minute and exited the match in the 71st. While his performance was decidedly awful, the substitution was probably more about getting RSL into a different shape — a 3-4-3 with three center backs. During his time in the match, Balchan conceded a penalty and lost his man on the goal.

There were a few opportunities, and two of them fell to Alvaro Sabroio, who was interminably shorn with rust in the match and slammed a shot terribly high.

On the vaguely positive side, Nick Rimando saved a penalty. So that's nice.

Positives from the night? Chris Schuler's face is somewhat intact, Rimando saved a penalty, and we didn't concede two goals. Or three. Or four.