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September Player of the Month: Javier Morales, of course

He needs no introduction: Javier Morales is our player of the month for September. You shouldn't be surprised it was unanimous amongst all of us at RSL Soapbox.

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Kreg Asay: Javier Morales

Best player over four games, two of which were losses... That's a tough one, but Javier Morales has to be my choice. RSL's veteran engine continued to run the show, even in the games we lost he still looked like a threat. And after all, he DID score an Olympico!

Honorable Mentions: Plata, Beckerman, Grabavoy, Mulholland

Weston Jenson: Javier Morales

Javier Morales has played a commanding role for Real Salt Lake during the month of September. Morales is a league leading number 10 that has scored two goals and three assists this month alone. This has been vital as Real Salt Lake is right in the midst of the playoff run. During the Dallas and Seattle matches, Morales had splendid games combining with Kyle Beckerman to be the soul and engine of RSL.

In the last two matches against Colorado and Vancouver, respectfully, Morales has made enormous plays off corner tactics. Therefore, Javier Morales has been the player of the month since he has been essential off both set-pieces and through the run of play. Morales has been nothing less than impressive, pulling the strings for the RSL attack leading the team to a 2-2-0 record during September. While this might not seem impressive, Morales has been a shining example of RSL tactics along with speedster Joao Plata. While Plata has also been more than impressive during September, Morales' play off set-pieces and through the run of play has overshadowed some of the hard work done by the diminutive Ecuadorian. Therefore, not only is Morales a clear leader for the RSL player of the month, but is also a leading playmaker in the MLS.

Matt Montgomery: Javier Morales

Not because he was the most amazing player, or because he got us the most excited, but because he made an impact in every match in September. He had an assist in every match but the Colorado blowout, in which he scored. It's not a case of statistics choosing the player, but rather that in a month where we were a bit back and forth, and where we rotated players with some real frequency, Morales showed good consistency.

Randal Serr: Javier Morales

The RSL player of the month for September has got to be Javier Morales. In every single game throughout the month he had either an assist, a goal, or both. There is a lot of talk about Plata being the best player for RSL this year, and rightfully so, but Javi is making a strong case at the close of the season that he should be in the same conversation. I don't know if it is the yoga he does or what, but maybe the whole team should follow suit.