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What we have to look forward to this offseason: Draft dates and more

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Now that our offseason's started — and we're just so tickled that's the case — we can get into the very exciting portion of the season. There will be plenty to look forward to, and we'd like to make sure you (and we) don't lose track of those things.

  • Sometime before the end of the year: Will Garth Lagerwey re-sign with the club? There's plenty of talk about this, and you're probably keyed into it. Here's a hint: If anybody says they know, they probably don't actually know.
  • Nov. 19: There's a dispersal draft. Will Real Salt Lake pick up anybody from Chivas USA?
  • Dec. 10: There's an expansion draft. Who will RSL end up losing? We need to have our lists in by Dec. 8. Should be fun.
  • Dec. 10 (ooh, two things in one day!): MLS Waiver Draft. So ... players that have been waived. Fun.
  • Dec. 12: MLS Re-Entry Draft, phase one: Teams can pick up players that have had their options declined.
  • Dec. 18: MLS Re-Entry Draft, phase two. You can re-sign your own players in this one.
  • Jan. 15: The MLS SuperDraft. It's so great that it's got the 'Super' right there in its name.
  • Sometime in 2015: Real Salt Lake v. New York City FC. Hello, Jason Kreis.
  • At some point in the next few weeks, maybe: Our USL Pro team, Real Monarchs, gets a head coach.
There will, of course, be more. This will be a busy offseason, and who knows what our team will look like next season? We might as well get in for the long haul.