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Luke Mulholland not expected to leave as rumors fly after Instagram post

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the more ominous Instagram posts in recent memory, Luke Mulholland sent RSL fans into a slight frenzy that he could be leaving the club, but there's little expectation it's meant as a departure message.

After all, according to RSL Communications, Mulholland is under contract with Real Salt Lake, and he simply couldn't be traded officially before Dec. 8, when the trade window opens for a half-day.

Mulholland, on Instagram: "Thanks for the ride Salt Lake. I Was proud to wear the jersey each and every game!"

We're operating under the assumption that Mulholland didn't mean to indicate he's leaving the club, given those circumstances described above. Now, it doesn't guarantee that he'll remain, of course, especially with the MLS Expansion Draft coming up in short order, but this is probably not evidence that he'll leave.

It's entirely possible that Mulholland simply felt a bit devious and wanted to send RSL fans into a tizzy, but it's considerably more likely that he's going on vacation for a bit and simply wanted to express appreciation for his first season in Salt Lake City.

In his first MLS season, Mulholland scored six goals and had seven assists in 31 games (24 starts). As ever, though, MLS gets crazy between December and March, so all bets are truly off once things get moving apace.