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Nick Rimando named a finalist for goalkeeper of the year, universe continues to not collapse

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

In what is not unexpected and simultaneously reassuring, Nick Rimando is up for MLS Goalkeeper of the Year. We should not be excited about this. This should be the bare minimum for recognition Nick Rimando receives. We'll be devastated if he doesn't win it.

But whether we should or shouldn't be excited about it, it's nice to see Rimando get that initial glimmer of recognition we beg for week-in, week-out. He wins those 'saves of the week' and all that, but it's only a small consolation when he's been glossed over for goalkeeper of the year.

But the fervor over the fact that he hasn't been selected reached a fever pitch this year. He showed internationally and domestically that he is one of the best American goalkeepers around, and he's probably the second-choice goalkeeper for the United States at this point, and he's rightfully playing for the first-choice spot.

He's a fantastic goalkeeper. He's as great a shot-stopper as he is at picking balls out of the air on set pieces. He's confident with his feet, and he's confident on penalties. He's not let more than a single penalty past him in the regular season since 2012, when he let two past him.

He's consistently been one of the best — if not the best — goalkeepers in MLS over the past five years. He's been passed over one too many times.

It's hard to imagine Real Salt Lake without Nick Rimando, and hopefully in a month, it'll be hard to imagine Nick Rimando without that award.