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What we know about the Carlos Salcedo situation — and what we don't

Where do we go from here? After Carlos Salcedo's pronouncement, let's try to figure out where he's coming from, and how little we actually know about the situation.

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Carlos Salcedo tweeted yesterday that he has asked Real Salt Lake to not pick up his option, and reaction was swift and divided. Let's figure out what we know, what we don't, and what happens from here.

What happened?

Carlos Salcedo said he's decided to ask for his option to not be renewed "based on personal differences" with Garth Lagerwey, Real Salt Lake general manager. He says that's because he's "not kept his verbal commitments to myself or my father and has not at any point been interested in resolving our differences."

Why's he involved his father in this?

His father is his agent.

What verbal commitments?

That's difficult to say. Salcedo was not specific, and the club has issued the ubiquitous "no comment," as we'd expect from this situation.

What sorts of verbal commitments could they be?

It's difficult to say. Lagerwey, as general manager, is over contracts and the like, but he's not over playing time. While it's a fairly natural assumption to say that it could be something based on playing time.

There is, of course, always the option that there is dispute about the nature of any assurances that were or were not made.

What scenarios could we be looking at?

  • Lagerwey actually made a verbal commitment and did not honor it
  • Lagerwey made a verbal commitment and honored it, but not to the satisfaction of Salcedo
  • Lagerwey made a commitment and there was confusion between the two parties
  • Lagerwey did not make a verbal commitment, but Salcedo perceived there to be one

There exist other scenarios, but let's exercise good faith here and assume that Salcedo is truthful in that he at least perceived there to be a verbal commitment. But, let us also consider that Lagerwey is very careful about actual promises he makes, seeing as he was formerly a practicing lawyer, he's very familiar with the nature of contract law.

What happens next with Salcedo?

Salcedo asked the club not to pick up his option, which means there is some lack of control on his side. I think by now that makes it clear that Salcedo won't be returning to Real Salt Lake, regardless of any resolution in the Lagerwey contract work. How that comes to fruition is difficult to say, but Dec. 1 is the date by which options must be decided on.

What does this do to the club?

If Real Salt Lake wanted to do anything with Salcedo's rights — trade him to another club, for instance — his value has decreased substantially. His statement negates much of the power Real Salt Lake has in negotiations. Before you go decrying MLS here, that's something that's hardly exclusive to this league.

How should we feel about this? Who should I blame?

That's up to you. It's unusual for players to make these sorts of pronouncements, so that makes it a sticky situation. You're welcome to blame whoever you like, but the simple fact of the matter is that we don't have any view into the other party's side. If you're going to blame Lagerwey, you should know that you probably know very little about the situation.

Have we given the controversy a nickname?

No. And please don't call it Salcedogate.