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Your Say: 2014 Real Salt Lake Save of the Year, Group C

You demanded it (or maybe you didn't), and we're providing it. It's time for the RSL Save of the Year.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Wouldn't you just know it, we're continuing with this Save of the Year voting. Today, we've got great saves from Nick Rimando and Jeff Attinella.

Attinella's was a Save of the Week earlier in the year, but will it make it out of the group? (Please don't vote based on that. That would be reprehensible.)

So without further ado: Enjoy the saves, make your votes, and just wait for the next group. It'll be fun. Trust us.

Rimando, week: 7 against Portland Timbers

Rimando, week: 31 against Chivas USA

Rimando, week: 28 against Seattle Sounders

Attinella, week: 13 against Seattle Sounders