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Cross-team STH pricing for Real Monarchs puts tickets between $7, $28

Real Salt Lake season ticket holders will have a chance to purchase even cheaper season tickets for Real Monarchs 2015 campaign, with tickets running between $7 and $28 per game.

The latest from the club has season tickets starting at a scant $100 (I promise, this isn't a pitch) if said season-ticket buyer is also a season-ticket holder at Real Salt Lake.

This sort of cross-promotion is important for the vitality of our USL Pro team — after all, Monarchs president Rob Zarkos is running this as an independent organization with its own budget. We're choosing to run our team not as a little feeder club that might produce some players, but as an actual club that serves the organization as a whole.

Should Real Monarchs succeed, it may have a knock-on effect with the first team. If people see it as an entry point into watching our brand of soccer and it draws them in, all the better.

But it has an effect on our playing personnel, too. It is one thing to have a team to train with and play for, but it's another to feel like there's any sort of anything at stake there. With supporters encouraged to attend, a stadium all their own (eventually), and trophies to play for, it'll give us a chance to build something that's not just a means to an end.

Real Monarchs should offer long-term support to the organization, and not as a team that's simply a bucket in which you put young or untested players. It should be a viable end unto itself, and not merely a place you can throw things you're not ready to deal with yet.