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Looking back at RSL, Galaxy second leg in 2013

Real Salt Lake, LA Galaxy: It's like we've been here before.

And if it wasn't terribly obvious, we have been. We've managed to get there in a better state than last year, too, although it's worth noting that the second leg last year was at our place.

Still, don't squash the narrative. It's the second leg, and that's the important part.

In case you don't remember what happened last year, let's recap some of the key points.

  • Sebastian Velasquez scored his first professional goal with a nice little header after an unmarked run.
  • Chris Wingert didn't have much hair.
  • RSL had a goal mysteriously taken away after Javier Morales scored on a set piece, with Chris Schuler judged to have somehow pushed Omar Gonzalez. (No evidence of that push exists, I guess.)
  • Jaime Penedo had a great save right at the edge of regulation to deny Real Salt Lake. (Huh. Sounds familiar.)
  • Chris Schuler scored the greatest goal of his life (I think) with a brilliant back-post run to finish a Javier Morales cross that somehow made it past everybody.
  • Ned Grabavoy didn't play, but it wasn't illness — it was a hamstring strain.
  • Alvaro Saborio suffered a 'right hip flexor' strain.
  • Joao Plata didn't even play — he played only 32 minutes of playoff action. The thought of that now? Unimaginable.
I could say more, but really, just watch those highlights.