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10 good things about that 5-0 loss to LA Galaxy

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Without further ado, here is an ordered, numbered list of good things that happened during the match tonight.

  1. Um ... we didn't concede six.
  2. We also didn't concede seven.
  3. Once we took off Ned Grabavoy and Luke Mulholland and played with basically five defenders and five attackers, we didn't concede.
  4. We didn't concede despite having four strikers out there.
  5. Nobody sustained a major injury.
  6. Um... USL Pro?
  7. Numbered lists are pretty cool.
  8. Jeff Cassar's hair is growing back.
  9. That fog in LA looked kind of cool.
  10. Alexi Lalas grows a pretty mean mustache.
Seriously. I'm going to eat some ice cream, take a bath, then take a nap. That was beyond awful.