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Mansally not given bona fide offer, but negotiations with RSL believed to be ongoing

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Abdoulie Mansally, attacking left back, could be back for a fourth season at Real Salt Lake, as negotiations are believed to be ongoing to keep him at the club.

Mansally, whose option was not actually declined but instead wasn't given a bona fide offer, could remain at Real Salt Lake if negotiations for a new contract are successful.

With the club declining options on Aaron Maund and Rich Balchan, and with Carlos Salcedo's status up in the air after he declared his intention to not remain at the club, retaining Mansally could prove valuable. 2014 was perhaps his best year at Real Salt Lake, with the more dangerous or risky elements of his play dissipating over the last 12 months. He picked up only one yellow card in his limited minutes (655 over 11 games), when he had three yellows and one red in 14 games (774 minutes.)

If we do shift our tactical approach next year toward a three-forward setup with wide forwards or wingers available, he could be a valuable option.

More as this one develops, but we could see Mansally back in 2015. If a new contract is secured before the re-entry draft, I believe he wouldn't be available for that one, but the expansion draft still looms for all unprotected players.