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Off the Crossbar Mock 2014 Expansion Draft

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

In case you were wondering what it's like when two members of your least favorite Real Salt Lake podcast (Off the Crossbar, which features yours truly alongside Jason Greenwood and Trevor Brady) conducts their own expansion draft, you need look no further. Today, Matt's playing the role of Jason Kreis and his New York City FC crew, while Trevor's playing Adrian Heath.

What did we get wrong? Rather, what did we get right? That seems like it will be a shorter list.

1a. Orlando picks Eddie Johnson. American, proven goalscorer that will relish the opportunity to play alongside Kaka. (DC protects Davy Arnaud.)

1b. NYCFC picks Ned Grabavoy. Because Ned Grabavoy. (RSL protects Carlos Salcedo.)

2a. Orlando picks Joe Willis. Orlando needs a backup with MLS experience, and at ~$50k/year, Joe is the obvious (and cheapest) choice. (Houston protects Corey Ashe.)

2b. NYCFC picks Chris Wingert. He's a reliable left back who would relish the opportunity to play in his hometown. (RSL is out.)

3a. Orlando selects Brian Span. The FC Dallas youngster spent last season on loan at Orlando, and performed admirably for the team. (FC Dallas protects Andres Escobar.)

3b. NYCFC picks Servando Carrasco. He's only 26, has four years of MLS experience, is a capable two-way midfielder, and would be comfortable with a backup position. (Houston is out.)

4a. Orlando picks Patrick Mullins. 2nd year player that worked well as a second striker for the MLS Cup runners up, showing that he can already make a difference in MLS. (New England protects Steve Neumann.)

4b. NYCFC picks Gale Agbossoumonde. He was a fantastic prospect a few years ago, and maybe there's a chance he could still become that. Jason Kreis does love a project. (Colorado protects Jose Mari.)

5a. Orlando selects Kalif Alhassan. They will need someone who can play a wide midfield role to spread the offense and create space for Eddie and Kaka. (Portland protects Villafaña.)

5b. NYCFC selects Dominic Oduro. He's a streaky goalscorer, but Kreis probably won't think too poorly of not scoring at Toronto FC. (Toronto protects Jackson.)

6a. With the 6th pick, Orlando selects Sebastian Fernandez. Pricey, but on the occasion where Kaka is unavailable, you need an adequate replacement. Playing him alongside Kaka wouldn't hurt either. (Vancouver protects O'Brien.)

6b. NYCFC selects Sal Zizzo, who could be a good midfield option as Kreis looks to build the middle. (Kansas City protects Jorge Claros.)

7a. Orlando selects Benji Joya. Future national team player on the outs at Chicago can fill in on the defensive side of the midfield very nicely. (Chicago protects Patrick Ianni.)

7b. NYCFC select Zac MacMath because he's a pretty good goalkeeper and they could use one of those. (Philadelphia protects Conor Casey because they're crazy.)

8a. Orlando selects Austin Berry. Former Rookie Of The Year will look to reestablish himself as an MLS starter, and if not, he's a cheap, experienced backup CB option. (Philadelphia is out.)

8b. NYCFC select Jack Jewsbury. His wealth of MLS experience will help with a core that may need a guiding hand. (Portland is out.)

9a. Orlando selects Dan Gargan. His wealth of experience will help the team transition from USL Pro to MLS, while at the same time addressing a need at right back. (LA Galaxy protect Alan Gordon.)

9b. NYCFC select Danny Mwanga. Another (surprisingly) young player with potential that's struggled at his most recent team? Kreis is in. (Colorado is out.)

10a. With their final pick, Orlando selects Heath Pearce. Versatile defender that can play multiple positions, brings plenty of MLS experience as well.

10b. With their final pick, NYCFC selects Greg Cochrane - a young defender who could be on the verge of making it in MLS.