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What happened yesterday? Recapping a busy day for RSL

If you happened to have slept through yesterday, you probably woke up in a bit of a haze, thinking all this RSL news was just a dream. To be clear: It wasn't. We'll walk you through it.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We started the day with some consternation about the expansion draft, to take place later in the day. Predictions ran around and generally focused on two RSL players: Ned Grabavoy and Chris Wingert.

Cue the expansion draft's start, and the first player taken? None other than Ned Grabavoy. We're not happy about it, but it was probably inevitable. The draft continued apace, with no other RSL player being taken. It seemed like maybe we'd get away with only having one player taken — then up comes Chris Wingert's name from the treacherous lips of Jason Kreis. And so it was that two players were taken.

For a few hours, we were left wondering what would become of our defense in 2015. We had one center back definitely on the books in Chris Schuler. Carlos Salcedo, however, was protected after Grabavoy was picked, and we were curious why. At the end of those few hours, Jamison Olave emerges from the fray, and he returns to Real Salt Lake.

And then, not long after that, it got even better: Abdoulie Mansally signed a new contract at RSL and Jeff Cassar promised new signings — and soon.

The pace at which these deals were completed has been invigorating. Ready to handle the offseason? We're feeling like it.