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Cassar: RSL have agreed deals with multiple players, awaiting visas, other legal procedures

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Cassar is well aware of the fact that Real Salt Lake could use a few more players after the departures of Grabavoy, Wingert and Borchers, among others. But more than being aware, he's indicated RSL is in an advanced state with some international players.

During an interview on ESPN700, Cassar said timeframes were dependent on visas and other legal concerns, but that agreements are in place.

"I'm not trying to be secretive at all," Cassar said. "To be honest, I have no idea. It's a legal process, and it's getting visas and things along those lines. We've talked to them, things are agreed, and now certain processes have to take place."

After announcing the re-signing of Abdoulie Mansally, Cassar revealed that another full back was one of the players with which the club has had positive discussions.

"Obviously, we need another player, and that will be announced in the future. We're strong there. I wouldn't want to mess up any legal procedure that's going on."

As more becomes available about said players being signed — or we discover, by some happy accident, who said players are, we'll be right there alongside you, excited to learn more.