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Craig Waibel officially named RSL technical director

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Craig Waibel has officially been promoted to technical director, according to a Real Salt Lake press release that confirmed earlier reports.

The technical director role is similar to former RSL general manager Garth Lagerwey's role, and while it's not immediately clear what the new role means for the organizational structure at the club, it would seem apparent that there is some sort of flattening.

In the attached video, Waibel emphasizes repeatedly that he'll be working with Cassar, where Lagerwey seemed somewhat over the first-year coach in structure.

Waibel enters the position with four years of coaching experience and many years of professional soccer experience. He played for Seattle Sounders (in the A-League), Colorado Rapids, LA GalaxySan Jose Earthquakes, and Houston Dynamo, where he ended his playing career.

Elliott Fall, director of soccer operations, has been promoted to assistant general manager.

With an internal promotion like this, it's easy to imagine that Lagerwey was not involved in roster moves like the Jamison Olave trade, but that remains to be seen.

Waibel and Cassar. I can get used to the sound of that.