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2014 RSL Soapbox Awards: Celebration of the Year

Every year, RSL Soapbox hands out seven prestigious awards known as the "RSL Soapbox Awards." This one is pretty easy - Celebration of the Year.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Kreg Asay: RSL's July win over Montreal.  We got to see Luke Mulholland's attempt at  Joao Plata / Olmes Garcia's Ras-Tas-Tas on the his goal, then the actual RTT when Garcia scored assisted by Plata.  A close 2nd would be the team 'canoe' paddling vs DCU, followed by Cassar's air punch vs NYRB.

Matt Montgomery: It's got to be the canoe paddling — or Luke Mulholland hitting that goal gong. We've had some cracking celebrations (that makes me sound cool and foreign, right?). It's so easy to get excited about this young group we have together, and it'll be even more exciting to watch them integrate with the veterans further. (On that note, how weird is a goal gong?) The little dances of Joao Plata, Olmes Garcia and Javier Morales — all together, part of the team, but with such a gap between the set. Maybe it's weird to wax so effusive about goal celebrations and the team, but we watched a team last year that looked happy to be together. That'll be huge going forward.