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Luke Mulholland gets his green card, frees up international spot

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It used to be that Real Salt Lake was constantly bumping up against their international spots limit — we have six, following the trading of two permanently early in our history — but that's been less of an issue in the last year. The problem is even further diminishing now, with Luke Mulholland receiving his green card and subsequently not occupying an international slot, according to the club.

It's a great move for him as a person, and it will be a positive for the team. We very much expect Mulholland will be protected in the Expansion Draft.

That leaves RSL's international-slot-using players currently at the club as Sebastian Jaime, Joao Plata, and Carlos Salcedo. It remains to be seen if Carlos Salcedo remains at Real Salt Lake, given the events last week, so we could see RSL with only two international players.

Ahead of some significant questions about roster rules, especially with regards to USL Pro, and with RSL's coaching staff having embarked on at least one international scouting trip during the offseason (and probably still involved in that), there could be players from abroad trickling into Real Salt Lake for 2015.