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2014 RSL Soapbox Awards: Midfielder of the Year

Every year, RSL Soapbox hands out seven prestigious awards known as the "RSL Soapbox Awards." Today we look at a position in which RSL is very deep - the midfield.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Kreg Asay: Another tough choice, this time between 3 players.  Beckerman was.. well Beckerman - the anchor.  Mulholland made everyone take notice (as I indicated previously under "biggest surprise", but of course it was Javier Morales who continued to make everything work.  2014 was Javi's best season wearing the RSL jersey 9 goals, 12 assists, countless key passes, a hat trick vs Houston and an rare Olympico goal!

Morales' Highlight Reel

Weston Jenson: One of Cassar's guys, Luke came in with high potential and delivered.  Excelling in NASL is no guarantee that you will succeed in MLS but Luke Mulholland has done just that - think a young Grabavoy.  He not only controls the ball well but he can pass, too.  Luke can also score and create chances - recording six goals and seven assists attest to that.  Being one of Cassar's first signings when taking over the club, he looks to be a player that Real Salt Lake can build around.