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Five reasons we're excited about Pecka potentially joining Real Salt Lake

With news trickling out of the ether last week that Real Salt Lake will be signing Brazilian midfielder Pecka, we've had some time to get excited about the possibility. Wondering why? Here are some reasons we're hoping the club can confirm his arrival.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

1. Pecka provides midfield depth. It's something that, with the departures of Ned Grabavoy and Sebastian Velasquez, we'll be needing more players there to, you know, play matches. Pecka would provide that. He's sometimes listed as a defensive midfielder and sometimes as a central midfielder, and although we don't know how he'd fit into our system, it's helpful to have players like that.

2. He could provide genuine backup for Kyle Beckerman. Since the departure of Yordany Alvarez at the end of 2013, Real Salt Lake has lacked a genuine backup for Kyle Beckerman. Cole Grossman was an option last year, and maybe he'll remain one next year, but he never seemed a natural fit. He's probably better a little further up — in the Ned Grabavoy role.

3. He would continue a record of signing lower league talent. Think about it: Yordany Alvarez in 2011, Jonny Steele in 2012, Jeff Attinella in 2013, and Luke Mulholland in 2014 — we've been pretty good at finding workable players in the lower leagues for some time. Pecka would continue that trend.

4. He brings outside ideas to the midfield. If we do reshape our midfield to better accommodate a three-striker setup, we'll need ideas from sources outside the system. Pecka could provide some ways we can reshape things, and that could be very useful next year.

5. He can score goals. He's not exactly prolific (2014 was a good goalscoring year and he had two goals) but he can chip in with a goal here or there — and they're fun goals. Here — watch some videos.

Honorable mention: I don't think we've had a player named Wellington on our team before. Cool.