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Carlos Salcedo says he's happy to join Chivas and that a deal is close

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Salcedo confirmed a move to Chivas is more than on the cards tonight on Twitter, saying that he hopes to reach an agreement with the Mexican side.

In the tweet, written in Spanish (and translated for me by Google Translate, which seems accurate enough), Salcedo says he's happy to join Chivas. It's interesting that he's chosen to make this statement and has not made an agreement with the club, but it does indicate the closeness of this deal to being closed.

It's not yet known what sort of financial deal Real Salt Lake would receive as a result of the transfer.

Interestingly, @csalcedojr is actually topping the Twitter trends right now in Mexico City, which goes some way to indicate the excitement around the player in his home nation.