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The Carlos Salcedo saga continues: Trib reports Waibel says no deal is done

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Because you knew it would get worse before it got better, the Carlos Salcedo situation keeps proving us right. The latest? Salt Lake Tribune's Chris Kamrani reports that Craig Waibel says there isn't a deal done.

Not yet, at least — and maybe not with Chivas, where Salcedo has himself confirmed that he's been having negotiations.

It's all a little topsy turvy. Craig Waibel comes across as adamant that Real Salt Lake controls his rights and the player remains under contract with Real Salt Lake. You know — because of that club option that Carlos Salcedo asked the club not to take.

Well, here we are. RSL took the option, and now they're being approached by clubs interested in Salcedo. But without a deal being agreed, Salcedo's already negotiated a contract with Chivas — without a proper bid being accepted by Real Salt Lake. This all seems a little strange, but it's also the nature of the game.  But for all Salcedo's negotiations, the club isn't done with theirs, and until they are, he's here.

With Real Salt Lake standing firm in the sorts of offers they accept, and with Waibel making known that multiple clubs have submitted offers, and more clubs are becoming interested as a result of the media coverage.

What happens next is difficult to say. Salcedo could end up sold to any number of clubs, and one of them is Chivas. But if the list is growing, knowing what happens next would take somebody with more insider knowledge than I possess. And if we're gearing up for a bidding war, it could be a long road — or it could be done as soon as Tuesday.

It all depends on what you take as the truth of the matter, I guess.