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Nick Rimando didn't win Goalkeeper of the Year, but he's decidedly gracious about it

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Like everyone else, I'm a little miffed that, once again, Nick Rimando has missed out on a goalkeeper of the year award despite being very, very good this year. I'd argue that he's been the best. In fact, nearly enough of those voting in the Goalkeeper of the Year awards thought so, too.

Let's be clear about this. Nick Rimando is one of the greatest goalkeepers to be in MLS. It shouldn't be a lifetime award, though, and maybe it's fair that Hamid was neck-and-neck.

The argument for Hamid is not a weak one. He did have a good year. He played on a worse team than Real Salt Lake, probably. (Those Eastern Conference points, though.) But Rimando deserves at least as much of a look. The problem? He didn't show the same increase in ability. He's consistently good, year-in, year-out. He broke a career record, which probably biases some voters against him. (It's a strange world.)

Nick Rimando is gracious about not getting the award, but if we're to be honest, he probably deserves to be handed the trophy this time. And that's a little frustrating. Second place could be worse, though.

But hey, imagine if he hadn't missed those games for the World Cup. Maybe that's the difference between winning and losing this award. If it is, well — let's let Hamid have it, and keep Rimando in the battle for the national team.

Player (Club) % of Club Votes % of Media Votes % of Player Votes Weighted Total
Bill Hamid (DC) 30.49 40 27.29 97.78
Nick Rimando (RSL) 26.83 33.33 28.6 88.76
Steve Clark (CLB) 12.2 7.78 5.9 25.88
Jaime Penedo (LA) 4.88 4.44 6.55 15.87