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RSL's defensive options following departure of Nat Borchers

With Nat Borchers reportedly on his way to Portland, we take a look at our center back options ahead of 2015.

Gary Rohman/Sporting KC-USA TODAY Sports

As we saw our goodbyes to Nat Borchers, who is reportedly on his way to Portland Timbers for allocation money, it's probably time for us to look at our potential 2015 set of center backs.

Chris Schuler will obviously remain at the club. There's no doubt about this. He'll also probably get a substantial raise — something that will help to keep him at Real Salt Lake in the long-term.

Carlos Salcedo might remain at the club after all, but that remains a pretty wide-open question. If he does indeed remain, RSL's in a more comfortable position. But after his Twitter outburst and his stated desire to leave the club, it's still hard to see him returning, even if he was assured a starting spot.

Aaron Maund has already had his option declined and probably won't be returning to the club in 2015.

Justen Glad will be 18 — probably too young to get a starting role. He's also been pegged for a Monarchs role, which could see his development given a significant boost.

And that's about it with Borchers gone. What, then, are our potential options?

Homegrown players. We could be looking at some homegrown options, especially a player like Phanuel Kavita — a center back from the academy who's just finishing his senior year of college. He's played with RSL every summer since he left the academy.

International players. The coaching staff has been doing some international scouting this offseason, and maybe this is indicative of them finding a defender that fits the bill.

Chris Wingert. If he does stick at the club, he could shift centrally instead of playing on the left. He's been a reasonable center back when asked to play there, and he'd probably be a lot better if he was dedicated to the position.

MLS defenders. With the re-entry and waiver drafts coming up, maybe RSL could be looking at a player cast off by another team.