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What can RSL expect in the Expansion Draft? Looking at a few possibilities

With the Expansion Draft taking place on Wednesday and protected lists making the waves on Monday, we're taking an early look at what we might be expecting next week.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We're all certainly looking forward to a very busy week of transfers, trades and draft picks next week, right? Let's take a quick look at our roster, and let's see what we should be looking forward to (and I use 'forward to' not to mean happiness, but despair) next week.

On the roster

* Rimando
- Fernandez

* Beltran

* Schuler
x Salcedo

x Wingert
x Mansally
- Glad

* Beckerman
* Mulholland
x Grossman

* Morales
* Gil
- Saucedo

* Saborio
* Plata
* Jaime
* Garcia


x Borchers

Options declined


Players listed with an X have statuses that aren't certain. Players that are bolded are ones we don't know the status of — was there any success re-signing these players?

Two players will be taken in the expansion draft; we can be relatively assured of this. Our site-wide protected list is listed with an * above. Exempt players are listed with a hyphen.

This leaves available players - including those with uncertain statuses, but not those whose options have been declined - as the following: Attinella, Salcedo, Wingert, Mansally, Grabavoy, Velasquez, Grossman, and Sandoval. Of those, who might be the most likely to be picked? I'd wager Jeff Attinella, Chris Wingert, Carlos Salcedo, and Ned Grabavoy are the four most likely to be selected, but that shouldn't rule out Abdoulie Mansally, Cole Grossman, Devon Sandoval, and Sebastian Velasquez.

Where does that leave us? Two of our players more likely to be picked are defenders. Already, Real Salt Lake will be slim on defenders. This could put us in a tricky position.

As we await the expansion draft on Dec. 10, which players are most likely to be chosen? There's a poll below. Answer it, if you're so inclined.