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RSL makes Champions League following LA's MLS Cup win

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

By virtue of finishing fourth in MLS's regular season this year, and by virtue of each other team ahead of us winning a place through other means, Real Salt Lake has made the 2014 CONCACAF Champions League.

Update: A quote from Garth Lagerwey, as per a Real Salt Lake press release.

What a phenomenal accomplishment to have qualified for CCL again. This tourney - extremely important to our club — helped put us on the map in 2010 when we were the first American team to win our group and again in 2011 when we were the only American team to reach the final. Earning this berth in some ways validates our 15-win, 56-point season, a strong accomplishment in a difficult Western Conference. We have been working to get back into CCL since we got knocked out in the Fall of 2012. This is a great opportunity for us to take on the best teams in the region as we continue to grow the next generation of RSL.

RSL hasn't been in Champions League since 2012, when they couldn't escape a group with Costa Ricans Herediano and Panamanian outfit Tauro FC.

More notably, of course, was RSL's 2010-2011 campaign in the competition, which saw them make the final against Mexican giants Monterrey. They lost that one in the second leg, but it remains one of the highlights of Real Salt Lake's history.

It's hard to say how RSL does in the competition moving forward, but the MLS allocation money that comes along with the tournament berth will help the club. Additionally, a certain prestige can be had by being in the competition. It's hard to complain.

Thanks, LA Galaxy. We needed this.