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RSL's best Borchers moment? Look no further than 2011 CCL final against Monterrey

If you're looking for the best-ever Nat Borchers moment during his time at Real Salt Lake, we can probably think of a great many. And to be sure, there have been a great many. But the absolute best?

For me, it's his goal in the first leg of the 2011 CONCACAF Champions League Final. Down 1-0 after Aldo de Nigris scored in the 18th minute, the match was rather in danger of getting away from Real Salt Lake.

Cue Nat Borchers from a set piece: A simple, powerful header. It was exactly what we needed at that moment, and although the second leg ended with Real Salt Lake losing 1-0 — and the series 3-2 on aggregate — Nat Borchers (and Javier Morales later, as you'll see in the highlights) gave us a lifeline.

Losing was painful, but Nat Borchers left us with a memory of being close. And as we get back into Champions League next fall, that hope and that memory will be something we can hold close.