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Off the Crossbar, episode three: Salt Lake City, RSL will be coming soon

It's that time of week again! We're back with another episode of Off the Crossbar, bemoaning our draw against San Jose and looking forward to another crack at LA Galaxy this week.

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We've got Trevor Brady, Jason Greenwood, and me, Matt Montgomery, in today. Trevor's triumphant return sees a new feature: "What would Trevor do?" because, well, that's important.

Match recap: RSL 3-3 San Jose

We groan in disgust and distress over Saturday's 3-3 draw with San Jose, but was a point a good result, all things considered? And while the result was less than ideal, we try to gain some sort of comfort from the first half, in which we looked great.

Match preview, RSL v. LA Galaxy

It may have been only two weeks ago that we last saw LA Galaxy, but those two weeks have given us plenty of opportunity to learn about our side and our opposition. With LA Galaxy losing in CONCACAF Champions League play last night, will that affect their play?

Oceanside / San Diego academy

We take a look at recent news that Dell Loy Hansen and Real Salt Lake are looking toward an academy setup in Oceanside, Calif., and news wonder what that news means for us and what it says about MLS. Will it come to fruition? It's a great market to be in, so we'll hope so.

Listener questions

We answer your questions and have one of our own - something about footraces. You should probably listen if you want to find out who we think wins between Kyle Beckerman, Ned Grabavoy, Cole Grossman, and Nat Borchers.