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So you want to make a tifo: A walk through making your own two-pole

Rick Walker, all-around good guy and a maker of some of the fine displays you see in section 30 at Rio Tinto Stadium (perhaps better known as @Utahrd), handed us this guide to making your own two-pole tifo. The following words and photos are his.

Matt Montgomery

Supporters as individuals can go out and create smaller looking tifos, called 2-poles, and it's pretty much the same concept as the larger one only simpler. And pretty much cost effect if you have time to spend, you don't need much time.

Here is where I simply how to create a 2-pole tifo (included pictures of the process of making my latest revealed):


NEED FABRIC: Walmart or JoAnn's is a great place to start. You can go the top white sheet route or you can go to the fabric store and get some nice 100% cotton or 80-20 blend white fabric.


NEED AN IDEA: Can be political, humorous, showcasing a player, a manager, the whole team. Then you can be artsy and free hand it onto blank canvas, created it on the computer through PhotoShop, Gimp, or even MSPaint.
(So I'm a #AdorkableNerdery comic fan, so my inspiration on the left, creation on the right)

SIZING A 2-POLE: comes in many widths and heights. Widths could be limited to ones one wingspan, and height limited to weather. Width limit because you need to hold it up via the 2 poles, and you don't want to over stretch your arms. Height limit because sometimes a too big tifo will be transformed into a sail by the wind. I've used sizes WxH (feet) of; 4x4, 4x5, 5x6, and extreme cases 6x7.

TRANSFERING ART: If going the computer route you'll then need a way to put your vision onto the fabric, a good way is a projector in which you can connect right to your computer and project it bigger onto the nearby surface. Yes project that's what a projector does.

Inside the tifo scientist lab


Time for tracing the idea onto the canvas

PAINTING: Good ol' fabric/acrylic paint and art brushes or sponge brushes.

For small projects you just need the small bottles of acrylic/fabric paints


POLE CHANNELS: Everyone should be able to sew a straight line. For poles of ½", channels should be 2". You don't need new poles for every new tifo you create, reuse the poles on the newer projects.

STADIUM REVEAL: Anytime throughout 90 minutes of the match. During player introductions, at kickoff, after goals, anytime you feel the need to show your enthusiasm. You may get hecklers behind you yelling, "Hey, put your sign down" or "We can't see". This is usually just done in joking fashion because supporters all around you love seeing your passion.


The finished project