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MLS announces homegrown game during All-Star Week

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

MLS has announced a Homegrown Game that will take place during All-Star Week, which will "feature the best homegrown players from around the league."

The event, sponsored by Chipotle, could feature a few Real Salt Lake players as part of the match against an as-yet unannounced opponent.

Carlos Salcedo, the young and able center back, has impressed since joining Real Salt Lake in 2013. Jordan Allen, having just joined during the offseason, has a shot as well, supposing he features for the club — something that seems expected from those around the team.

Benji Lopez and Lalo Fernandez round out the other homegrown players at the club, but neither have played senior minutes to this point.

It is refreshing to see an event added to the All-Star Game festivities that isn't simply another marketing gimmick. While this certainly has elements of it, a focus — however brief — on the production of talent in the public eye helps to demonstrate the improvements we're making as a league — and as a club.