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Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

In news that is sure to shock the RSL supporter base, and MLS in general, reports are coming out of Sandy that the club have unceremoniously traded star international forward Alvaro Saborio to struggling Eastern Conference club D.C. United.

A source close to the team, who refused to be identified, has confirmed that the trade is "basically a done deal" and is only awaiting league approval. The source stated that the move was made after the team "finally decided to listen to the fans" and cited constant complaining about the player and the popularity of the "#TradeSabo" hashtag on Twitter as the key reasons for the move. "We really think that this move will go a long way toward winning back some of the good will of our disillusioned fans. These people are at every match so clearly they know more than the personnel staff in the front office."

When asked what the team would be getting in return for their all-time leading goalscorer the source was hesitant to confirm any details but did eventually break down and reveal that the club will be receiving "a metric shit-ton" of allocation money, former RSL forward Fabian Espindola as well as DC United's 2013 US Open Cup Trophy. "Obviously DC's club name is already engraved on the trophy but we really feel like we can buff it out and use a sharpie to write over it", the source said. "We know that some of our fans may not understand this move at first but we clearly feel like the acquisition of a trophy is what our fans have prioritized the most. The acquisition of a former club legend and clinical finisher like Fabian Espindola just made the deal impossible to say no to" the source finished with before hastily departing into the Rio Tinto grounds.

While this news may come as a shock to many of you, few of us here at RSL Soapbox are surprised. Club owner Dell Loy Hansen has long said that he felt this would be the year the team finally broke it's trophy curse and being able to do so while also saving money by dumping Saborio's contract was likely too good of an opportunity for the real estate magnate to pass up.

We'll have more updates on this story as news breaks throughout the day.