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Three Questions with Brotherly Game: Edu, McInerney, and the playoffs

Eugene Rupinski of SB Nation's Philadelphia Union blog, Brotherly Game, knows something about the Philadelphia Union. He took some time to talk about it with RSL Soapbox writer Randal Serr.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

1) A lot was made of Maurice Edu returning to MLS, specifically to Philadelphia. What has he added to the club and is he worth the price tag thus far?

Mo has been part of a complete re-tooling of an absolutely dreadful midfield, and his smart play and professional demeanor has helped steer the club in the right direction. The players and staff have all talked about his leadership and what a player with his experience brings to the club, and it seems like he's just clicked. Although it's very early in the season, so far he's definitely been worth the price.

2) The Union has made the playoffs one out of its first four years in the league. What is it going to take to push the Union over the edge into a perennial playoff contender?

I think if the team we have now can stay healthy and continue to gel, this team will make the playoffs this year. The talent is there, and a lot of the distractions and off-field issues seem to have been resolved - or at least put on the back burner. Going forward, the Union have taken some very necessary steps in building the necessary infrastructure to become a perennial playoff team. They've started a high school devoted to academy players and will break ground on a practice facility in what is now one of the parking lots at PPL Park. I think these moves are laying a great foundation that will serve the club - and the community here in the Delaware Valley - well for the foreseeable future.

3) Jack McInerney seemed to be a young player that has the capability of scoring by being in the right spot at the right time and striking when the iron is hot, much like Wondolowski. Why the trade with the Impact and was it the right move?

After Jack got hot at the start of last season and was called up to the USMNT's Gold Cup camp last year, he got ice cold, scoring only 3 goals since the fifth of June last year. He was reported to also be a distraction at practice, and in the last year of his contract. All of these factors made it a good time to trade Jack - striking when the iron is hot so to speak. Jack left us here in Philadelphia with some great memories, and we wish him the best in Montreal - just not against us!

Starting XI:

MacMath; Fabinho, Okugo, Berry, Williams; Carroll (c), Edu; Fernandes, Noguiera, Le Toux; Casey


While the Union are much improved, I think RioT is a tough place to play and RSL are a quality team. 3-2 RSL