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RSL injury update: Gil set for return, while Rimando absence continues

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

Is Luis Gil back?

Luis Gil may be set to return to the lineup, with his injury concerns - a hamstring strain - listed as "probable" in RSL's game notes. He wasn't involved in training yesterday after being given a "personal day," which is an interesting approach Jeff Cassar has taken this season.

Gil may be set for a short absence starting Monday, as the same game notes list him as being involved with a United States under-21 side. More thoughts on that matter soon.

Gil's return to the lineup would be a good one: While he, like nearly every other young player across the world - hasn't been consistent, his highs have been game-changing for us, while his lows have simply seen him fade from view.

Presumably, Luke Mulholland would return to the bench, and Sebastian Velasquez would be there as well.

Nick Rimando's absence continues

Despite improving in his injured state, Nick Rimando's absence will continue to be a talking point this week. He's back in training, I believe, but not fully - with a knee concern, there's no point in rushing him at this point in the season, which could have meant a risk to his World Cup status.

Jeff Attinella continues, then, and we have little to worry about. He will want to be a bit more assured in his distribution this week, as last week was far from his best.

Beltran and Wingert soldier on

Days after their legend-making appearance at Salt Lake City's Comic Con FanXperience event, Tony Beltran and Chris Wingert should be continuing in the lineup despite minor injury concerns for both.

Rich Balchan remains out with an adductor strain, which comes as a bit of a blow: He played quite well during his two matches, proving a capable backup on the right or the left.

The return of Plata?

It doesn't seem likely that Joao Plata starts, but his upgraded injury status — "probable" — could see him on the bench instead of uninvolved. He's shown well in a starting role this season and incredibly well in a substitute role last season — but risking his hamstring won't be something Jeff Cassar is particularly interested in doing. Will he get a spot on the bench?