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We were wrong about Nick Rimando being out this week, and we're not sorry

Gene Sweeney Jr.

In the buildup to yesterday's match, we were dead certain Nick Rimando would be out.

He'd apparently strained his MCL with the men's national team, and we didn't really expect he'd leap back into things. He only returned to full on Thursday, which, if you haven't already mentally done the math in your head before reaching this phrase, was two days ago.

I mean, I know this guy recovers quickly, but my word, that's quick. And let's be clear: Jeff Attinella's awesome. He's a good goalkeeper and an incredible backup for The Best Goalkeeper in MLS™, but he's no Nick Rimando. I mean, there's only one of those.

So the moral of the story is that we were wrong, but we're not sorry we were wrong, especially if those sorts of results emerge from our ineptitude or simple ignorance. Here are three reasons why you shouldn't accept any apology from us for that.