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Player Ratings: Rimando amazing, Grabavoy efficient in RSL win over Portland

Randal Serr breaks down Saturday's 1-0 win over Portland Timbers, and there are no points for guessing who tops his list this week.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 9 Is there any question that Rimando is the best keeper in MLS? He consistently makes amazing saves and it seems like he does it at the most critical times. There were at least two times when we all thought Portland had a sure goal and that RSL would walk off the field with a point, but Rimando had other plans. Unbelievable game.

Chris Wingert - 7 Wingert looked better than he has over the past few games and that is a good sign that whatever was ailing him is going away. He did have a couple of questionable passes and one service into the stands, but beyond that he was solid.

Nat Borchers - 7 The longer I watch Borchers the more I can see that he makes the RSL backline more confident and sure of positioning. He really is a leader back there and those leadership skills showed through on Saturday.

Chris Schuler - 7 This was not the typical game this year where I watch Schuler simply dominate in the back. Maybe that has something to do with how small Portland's forwards are and how easy that size difference made it look. It looks like Schuler is on track for his best season yet.

Tony Beltran - 7.5 Beltran looked to have the best game of the back four with his positioning, recovery, and involvement in the offense. He made some timely saves because of his effort and commitment to not letting Portland's attack come in from the outside of the field.

Kyle Beckerman - 7.5 Beckerman was as tenacious as ever and complied with his responsibilities as per usual, but that giveaway at the end of the game could have and probably should have cost RSL two points. It was uncharacteristic to be sure, and I do not expect it to happen again.

Luke Mulholland - 7 Mulholland was getting into great spots, making the right runs, and connecting well with his teammates, but he also had a poor giveaway or two and his performance dropped off as it seemed like he ran out of gas. If he can get into shape that allows his motor to run the full 90 minutes, he will be that much better.

Ned Grabavoy - 8.5 Grabavoy put a goal away from a very difficult angle when the game seemed to be getting away from RSL. He put in an incredible amount of work against Portland and looked to be one of the sharper players on the field.

Javier Morales - 6.5 Morales was fouled a lot which he is probably used to at this point, but against Portland I think that the fouls started to affect his final pass forward. He did not connect on his key passes like he usually does. Even so, he had a pretty good game.

Olmes Garcia - 7 Garcia puts in a lot of work, there is no denying that. He also gave his teammates a couple of chances to score because of his effort. On the flipside, he had one chance to finish off a cross from Mulholland that he could not get his foot on and seems to be relying solely on his speed to beat the defender. Somehow he needs to figure out another way to score.

Alvaro Saborio - 6.5 Saborio was unusually absent for large portions of the game on the offensive end, but his defense was spectacular. It was evident that he owned up to his mistakes over the past few games and corrected them against Portland.


Joao Plata - 7 Plata came on and did not lose a step from where he left off four weeks ago. That is impressive after coming off an injury. If he can get back into full-game fitness, I am sure more goals and assists will accompany him.

Sebastian Velasquez - 7 This was an odd game from Velasquez. On one hand, he gave the ball away twice while trying to pass through two defenders. Those giveaways led to two great chances from Portland which they were unable to get past Rimando. On the other hand, he was a creative spark plug and had a game-winning assist to Grabavoy. He will surely learn from his mistakes and only get better.

Devon Sandoval - N/A He played only a couple of minutes and didn't have time to accomplish much.