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Off the Crossbar, Episode 8: Portland, Vancouver, and a whole lot of nonsense

Off the Crossbar is back yet again with another episode, and we turn our attention to a pretty good win over Portland and Saturday's match against Vancouver Whitecaps.

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It's the regular gang, back and ready for more discussion - Jason Greenwood, Trevor Brady, and me, Matt Montgomery.

Match recap: Portland Timbers

We beat Portland Timbers, and we take our time reveling in that fact. It was, after all, a nice, effective win - but one that saw Portland at times dangerous.

Match preview: Vancouver Whitecaps

We decide that we know more about who Vancouver has had than who they do have, but at this point, playing Vancouver is as much about us adjusting to the speed of their forwards as it as anything else.

Listener questions

There were plenty of listener questions this week - thanks, everyone - and we make a stab at them. The two that were the most captivating: Who from MLS might make it in a "top five" European league, and what MLS players would we take to RSL given the opportunity?