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Q&A with Brian Dunseth: The future of RSL, reputations, and much more

Brian Dunseth, a former RSL player and one of the voices that really makes an RSL game, took some time out of his perennially busy day to answer some questions about his involvement with the club, the future, reputations and a whole lot more.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

Randal Serr: What is your role at RSL?

Brian Dunseth: Color Analyst for RSL

Sometimes I'll get a bit of backlash for not being as much of a 'homer' as RSL fans want

RS: How do you see your role fitting into the bigger picture at RSL and with MLS generally?

Tough question to answer... Mainly I'm explaining what I'm seeing during each broadcast and I guess to a certain extent teaching those who don't know the game that well. Sometimes I'll get a bit of backlash for not being as much of a 'homer' as RSL fans want, but I've always felt it was incredibly important to call the game right down the middle as to not set false expectations for fans.

RS: For anyone that follows you, they know that you are involved in a lot more than just your role with RSL. Just how many other things are you involved in?

Besides Real Salt Lake, I call games for Fox Sports 1 / NBC Sports / ESPN / Pac-12 Networks... I hosted the MLS SuperDraft this year, did the MLS Media Training with the league for the MLS Teams... And then I am a Co-Founder of the clothing line Bumpy Pitch, Co-Founder of, an online culture & lifestyle website, and a soccer marketing company called 90+

RS: Which current RSL player would you see being most likely to get into coaching post career and why?

I could see Beltran / Wingert / Ned / Javi all being incredible coaches... I'd say Javi could do something special because he could transition pretty seamlessly throughout North & South America.

RS: What was your perception of Salt Lake City before you came here and how has it changed?

My grandparents were Mormon, so I had heard a lot about the city before coming here... I remember watching the franchise announcement live on the internet while I was over in Sweden. The city is a hidden gem in the United States and it's been great to see the growth of the city and the people over the years.

RS: What kind of reputation does Salt Lake have amongst MLS teams/players?

The reputation on the field is that everyone wants to come and play here... Off the field, it's an incredibly beautiful place to live for families. Guys here are celebrities amongst the fans and that's definitely not the case in all MLS cities.

RS: Are there a few teams or cities that players do not want to play for?

Guys usually hate playing for teams that are losing (with the exception of Chivas USA and living in Hermosa Beach)... I'd say historically, cities like KC and Columbus were the places players didn't want to live... But I can tell you after living in Columbus myself, that perception was definitely the wrong one.

RS: How much interaction do you have with Dell Loy Hansen, Bill Manning, and Garth Lagerwey? What do they each bring to RSL that is unique?

I probably spend the most time with Garth, secondly Bill and lastly Dell Loy. Three very different personalities that work well with each other as they come from much different angles.

Garth Lagerwey is THE BEST GM in MLS ... he lives and breathes the game.

RS: What are your thoughts on GM Garth Lagerwey and what his future holds?

I've said this before and I'll say it again, Garth Lagerwey is THE BEST GM in MLS... He lives and breathes the game and has created an incredible structure / locker room / roster that still hasn't been replicated in MLS.

RS: Who do you think will end up replacing Javier Morales at the top of the diamond and who do you think will end up replacing Nick Rimando? And who is the future of RSL?

As of right now, I'd say that Luis Gil has the best chance of stepping into that 'Javi' role... But historically that's been a position where young Americans don't get the chance to hold down that number 10 spot long term.

Not sure who is going to step in for Rimando when that day happens... But I see Nicky holding down the keeper spot for a long, long time.

RS: If you put RSL in one of the top leagues in the world (e.g. British Premier League or La Liga among others) how would they fare?

Premier League - 11th to 15th La Liga - 7th to 12th

RS: Do you ever see Yura Movsisyan returning to RSL?

Nope... If Yura came back, he'd probably be a big city player ... NY / LA / Seattle etc..

RS: What are your thoughts on the RSL academy system? How much is the RSL academy ahead of other MLS academies and how will it help RSL going forward?

The RSL Academy is going to be probably THE most important aspect of the development of the team and the future of the club... With Seattle / LA / NYRB / Toronto all willing to spend Monopoly Money, RSL has to go the path less travelled route and that means young player development.

RS: It looks as though the RSL "core" has about two, maybe three years left. Do you think they will get another trophy and make another run in CONCACAF?

MLS Cup run, yes. CONCACAF Champions League, not so sure... If RSL hadn't lost their spot to the Portland Timbers (thanks CONCACAF), I'd say yes. But to qualify, wait until the following August and then hold on until that following Spring might be a tad un-realistic.