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Three things to watch for against Vancouver Whitecaps

Last week, we asked ourselves three questions about our match against Portland Timbers. Today, we try to answer some of those and ask ourselves three more for this match against Vancouver Whitecaps.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we watched for ...

If Gil returns to a starting position, how does he perform?

Well, simply put, he didn't return to a starting position, as he was on the bench and didn't come on. So, really, there's no good answer to this question.

Will Joao Plata get a substitute appearance?

Ah, yes! Hooray! Joao Plata not only came on as a substitute in the 68th minute, but he was important in creating the goal with a run out wide to open space for Ned Grabavoy.

Can Portland wake up from this awful start they're having, or do we remain dominant over them?

I don't think this really needs a response, does it? Honestly, we weren't dominant, but that 1-0 sure looks nice. Thanks, Mr. Rimando.

This week, let's watch for ...

Who is the best option in the midfield alongside Ned Grabavoy?

We have three options (in alphabetical, not preferential, order): Luis Gil, Luke Mulholland, Sebastian Velasquez. Which of these is the best player in that midfield spot? Each brings something to the table that the other doesn't. The interesting part, for me, is that none of the three are yet 90-minutes fit.

How do we handle the counterattack from Vancouver?

There's a lot of speed in Vancouver's attack. That's a little scary, but it's nothing we can't deal with. How will we attempt to solve for that variable?

How long is our play sustainable?

We haven't been great yet. That's alright - we're just seven games in, and we remain unbeaten. We've lacked a little sharpness, though, and we'll want to fix that. We've tended to clear the ball more frequently, and we've struggled to retain possession effectively sometimes. These are expected things right now, but when does that shift start to take place?