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Reserves Ratings: Mansally, Ovalle, Sandoval in top spots after strong match against Chivas

Steve Dykes

Jeff Attinella - 7.5 Attinella didn't have many shots come his way but he came up big with the PK save. He did a good job at organizing the defense and there was not much he could have done on the goal that was scored.

Abdoulie Mansally - 8 Mansally was solid in defense but he excelled at getting into the attack. He made dangerous runs all day long and got the assist on the Sandoval goal.

Aaron Maund - 7 Maund had a very good game. He was good in the air and really dominated any time the ball came near the box.

Carlos Salcedo - 7 It was a tale of two halfs for Salcedo. He had a quiet first half playing centerback. At half time he was switched to play defensive midfielder where he really made an impact in the game. His tackling was good and his passing out of the holding midfield spot was very impressive. I would like to see him play more in this position.

Rich Balchan - 6 It was a solid outing for Balchan who is working his way back from injury. He got into the attack a couple of times and his service was decent. It was an overall quiet performance which isn't a bad thing for an outside back.

John Stertzer - 6.0 It was a very quiet game for Stertzer. He started playing at the defensive midfield spot and then moved to the outside of the diamond for the second half. He really didn't have much impact on the game other than one or two nice passes. I wish we would have seen more out of him.

Jordan Allen - 6.0 Allen only played in the first half and really didn't show much while he was out there. He had one solid chance on goal that he put over the bar. Other than that, he didn't have the impact on the game that I thought he might.

Fito Ovalle - 7.5 The academy product from Layton had an outstanding first half. He was very good on the ball and didn't seem intimidated or nervous at all. He was probably the most dynamic player on the field in the first half. His play in the second dropped just a bit as he was moved to outside back. His score gets dinged slightly for causing the foul that led to the PK attempt.

Sebastian Velasquez - 7.0 Velasquez really had an up and down game. He showed many moments of brilliance in the match including an assist, but he also seemed somewhat hesitant to shoot once he got the ball near goal. He probably was the best overall player on the field but just lacked the killer instinct.

Olmes Garcia - 7.0 Garcia was very active in the match. He had a couple of good chances at goal and probably would have had a goal without a great save from the Chivas keeper. His hard work was instrumental in leading to the RSL goal.

Devon Sandoval - 7.5 Sandoval had a good game as was the RSL goal scorer in the match. Distribution from his forward position was very good. While the goal was not difficult, he was in the perfect position to receive the cross to be able to just direct it in.


Lalo Fernandez - 6.0 Really didn't have much to do in goal for the 10 minutes or so that he was in the match.

Kwame Watson-Siriboe - 5.5 It was good to see Watson-Siriboe get some playing time on his return from injury. He did look a little rusty and probably could have done a better job on the Chivas goal.

Jose Hernandez - 6.0 The very small Hernandez didn't have any impact for the first 20 or so minutes he was on the field. He looked nervous at first but really got into the flow of the match as time went on.

Corey Baird - 6.0 Baird was active in the time he was in the match. He probably could have done better on some plays but you could see the skill that he has.

Sebastian Saucedo - 6.5 One thing is clear with Saucedo, he likes to shoot. He was very aggressive around the net which was a refreshing thing to see. He is going to be very good for RSL in the near future.