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Injuries largely easing ahead of SKC, but Wingert out for SKC matchup

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday's match against Sporting Kansas City brings with it only a cursory amount of uncertainty about our lineup, ensuring that we're likely to see a nearly squad-complete rematch of December's tragic, despair-inducing MLS Cup final.

Chris Wingert is set to miss the match after injuring his groin in last weekend's match against Toronto FC, but his replacement that day is set to be his replacement again. Rich Balchan has never started a senior game for Real Salt Lake, having suffered a season-killing shoulder injury last season, but on the face of Saturday, he looks ready.

No other changes are anticipated in defense, with Tony Beltran seemingly not worse for wear after facing Mexico with the U.S. national team.

The midfield should remain basically the same as well, but bench options might be changing a bit. Sebastian Velasquez has been in full training, as has Jordan Allen - both of those would seem likely to match the bench, but until they do, we won't really know. This goes without saying.

Velasquez does offer something we lack right now, though. His possession-oriented dribbling might not be as dangerous as it can be (or should be), but it does enable us to switch the speed of play when needed, and in a more drastic way than our starters probably would.

Devon Sandoval should also be ready for another appearance after looking good in last week's match, and there is some possibility he could start over Olmes Garcia. Nothing concrete, of course, but with Garcia ostensibly being a better player off the bench, and with Real Salt Lake facing a physical Kansas City side, maybe there's something to it.