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Dom Dwyer hates RSL, runs his mouth at Nick Rimando: What a kid

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We already knew Dom Dwyer hated RSL — he made sure everyone knew about that before the match, going on about how he "hates (RSL) very much" — but his tweet to Nick Rimando takes the cake.

Of course, it was Nick Rimando who kicked the Twitter argument into high gear earlier tonight. Out with an injury, his tweet about Dom Dwyer (without mentioning him by name) seemed to irk the English striker.

It's all a bit funny, given Dwyer didn't exactly tear things up tonight. He did have two good opportunities, but Jeff Attinella -- our hero for the night -- saved a one-on-one shot, and Dwyer hit the post with the goal open for the taking in the second half.

Dwyer ends with the tried-and-true "trading on past glories" routine. Good for him.