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Nick Rimando, king of penalties, saves yet another in win over Houston

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

It’s clear to us that Nick Rimando is very, very good at saving penalties.

In fact, to find the last time he conceded a penalty in MLS for Real Salt Lake, we have to go back over a year to April 13, 2013 against Vancouver Whitecaps. (You’ll note that we’re not talking penalty shootouts here.)

In celebration of his save last night against Houston Dynamo, take a look at these four penalties since that Vancouver incident.

You’ll note that unlike most goalkeepers who face penalties, Rimando is glued to his line until the penalty is taken. (For a fun contrast, watch Javier Morales’s penalty against Tally Hall last night — you’ll note that Hall is off his line by one or two steps from the get-go.)

Against Houston, May 11

Against LA Galaxy, March 8

Against New England, May 8, 2013

Against Chivas USA, April 20, 2013