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Off the Crossbar, Episode 10: Houston Dynamo, Colorado Rapids, and the USMNT

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We’re ten episodes in to Off the Crossbar, and if you’re still on-board, thanks for listening. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover this week, so let’s get at it without too much further ado.


Jason Greenwood (@KungFuCantona, for the time being) is back to host the podcast, and he’s joined by Trevor Brady (@trevor_brady) and me, Matt Montgomery. It’s episode 10, which is something kind of cool but not altogether important aside from it being a rather round number. Or a round number with a one-dimensional number next to it. Something like that.

Houston Dynamo

We’re in a celebratory mood: Real Salt Lake beat Houston Dynamo by a tremendous 5-2 scoreline, and we take some time to recognize the brilliance of Javier Morales in making that possible. We break down why it was great and the monumental qualities the win entails.

Colorado Rapids

Let’s be clear about one thing: Colorado Rapids haven’t been good yet. They have a lot of promising young players, and we talk about that, but we’re feeling confident about this weekend.

US Men’s National Team

It’s the most on-topic we’ve been in weeks: We can’t stop talking about the national team and the 30-man roster. We focus plenty on the 23-man roster that will be coming at the end of the preparatory camp and wonder what surprises could be in store.

Listener questions

A few of you had questions, and we do our best to stay on-track long enough to answer them. It’s fun, right? Right?

This week’s music: Lotus - "Colorado”