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Off the Crossbar, Episode 11: Colorado Rapids report and FC Dallas preview

Off the Crossbar is back for another episode of distracted talk about Real Salt Lake, and we have plenty of reasons to be excited this go-around.

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Colorado Rapids

We’ve got some pressing questions (or something like that, I guess) from Saturday’s win over Colorado Rapids, so we snap right to that. We praise Javier Morales, wonder why our second half was lacking in flow, and discuss how we coped without our World Cup-bound trio.

FC Dallas

Oh, Dallas: The one stop between us and and that unbeaten streak record. But they’re not at full-strength — injuries don’t help their play. But they might help ours. We also may or may not have been watching LA Galaxy beat Dallas while we recorded this segment, so that’s got to contribute to the relative fun.


We talk about the pitch and why it’s so, well, ugly, we bemoan Jordan Allen’s injury woes, and we talk about Benji Lopez and Greece.

Listener questions

We have lots of questions, but we won’t spoil them by revealing them now. You’ll just have to listen.