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Off the Crossbar, USMNT Roster Special: Talking to Trey Fitz-Gerald, Brian Dunseth and Zack Goldman

We hope you haven't had enough of us yet: We're back with short notice to talk with three special guests about Thursday's release of the United States Men's National Team roster — including those oh-so-surprising shifts.

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Guest one: Trey Fitz-Gerald (@RealSaltLake)

We speak with Trey Fitz-Gerald, the man behind @RealSaltLake and RSL VP of communications and other stuff, about a lot of things — from the Landon Donovan exclusion to smatterings of exclusions in US Soccer history. We also spend some time talking about the unsurprising inclusions of Kyle Beckerman and Nick Rimando and wonder about their influence.

Guest two: Brian Dunseth (@OriginalWinger)

Brian Dunseth, an all-around Real Salt Lake legend and one of those people that we hope sticks around for a long time yet, talked to us about — you guessed it — the exclusion of Landon Donovan. With his background as a former professional player, it makes for an interesting discussion.

Guest three: Zack Goldman (@ThatDamnYank)

Our final guest, Zack Goldman, closes us out with a discussion on other pieces of the squad, but there's one thing we just keep drifting back to. Any guesses?