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RSL grabs a point at home in scoreless draw with FC Dallas

RSL came away with a 0-0 result at home with a good defensive performance.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

RSL came out flat to star the game and it seems like they could not get the spark plug they needed, particularly after Joao Plata left with a hamstring issue towards the end of the first half. Plata may have strained himself when he made an eye-catching run that led to a near chance with just the keeper between him and the net, all due to his lightning speed.

This game was one in which the defenses of both teams were the stars. There were not really any great chances created by either club, but the defense committed, organized, and impressive throughout the 90 minutes. RSL did see the return of Robbie Findley in the second half and the RSL faithful game him a very warm welcome.

Cassar summed up this performance by stating that RSL had possession but not possession with a purpose. RSL could not break through the back line from Dallas and there really was not too much creativity to be seen. The upside is that even though RSL did not play particularly well, they came away with a point, which really is about what they deserved.