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Off the Crossbar, Episode 13: FC Dallas recap, Seattle Sounders preview

Another week, another not-loss, and another episode of Off the Crossbar. We’re back with talk about FC Dallas, Seattle Sounders, and a bit more.

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FC Dallas

Why were we, well, not good? We talk about that, we talk about what we can do better, but more importantly, we talk about more exciting things than that match. Sort of.

Seattle Sounders

In this segment, we talk to a man of the rarest of professions: a real, live journalist. Chris Kamrani, RSL beat reporter at the Salt Lake Tribune, took some time to talk to us about injuries, strikers, feelings around the team, and, well, just some overall great stuff. Unfortunately, he didn’t play "Ned or Cole" with us, but we still respect the man and his work.

We also ask ourselves what the best strike pairing would be, and we spend an inordinate amount of time talking about strikerless formations and how fun they could be.

Listener questions

Surprisingly, questions keep coming in, so we’ll continue to answer them.