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RSL demoralizes the Fire overcoming a 2-0 deficit to win

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

RSL had an unflattering first half, especially on the defensive side of the ball. A goal by Magee (who else?) and another by Anangono put Salt Lake in a big hold to dig their way out of early in the match. The defense got caught watching the ball rather than marking the runners. RSL did not look themselves over the first 45 minutes with the exception of a few chances that Sean Johnson was able to save with some gymnastic tricks. The second half started where the first half left off with RSL not taking care of the ball like they normally do and a bad giveaway led directly to another chance by Mike Magee that Rimando was able to get a claw on at the last gasp second which deflected the ball off the crossbar.

To RSL's credit, they kept pushing and Cassar made some some substitutions with a mind to attack. It paid off and shortly after bringing on Velasquez and Mansally for Mulholland and Wingert, RSL spent most of the rest of the game keeping Chicago honest. Morales was able to find Plata in a little bit of space and the Ecuadorian slotted it home giving Real a bit of hope and a swing of momentum. RSL kept pushing and looked much more effective than the previous 60 minutes. A substitution in the 88th minute saw Olmes Garcia come on for Borchers for an all-out thrust to try to salvage a point. In the 90th minute RSL's veteran even keel paid off with Mansally finding Saborio right in the belly and Sabo was able to find the top of the goal and simultaneously punch the Fire in the gut.

The late collapse was astounding as a couple minutes later Saborio sent in a quality cross to Plata and the comback was complete as Plata showed why he should be in the conversation for MLS MVP thus far. The thing we learned from this game is that RSL has been through virtually every situation and knows how to not get too high or too low. That experience paid off in Chi-town.