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Off the Crossbar, Episode 9: Chicago Fire, Houston Dynamo, and more

We’re back once again with another episode of Off the Crossbar, and we’ve got a fun show in store for you. For example, we spend time talking about pants, Ned Grabavoy, and plenty more.

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Today, it's Trevor Brady and me, Matt Montgomery, on the show, talking the Chicago Fire match (and a little Vancouver Whitecaps), Houston Dynamo, and a bit more.

Jason's out, so direct your comments at @KungFuCantona. After my week off last week that prompted not having an episode nine a week ago, though, let's cut him a little slack.

Match recap: RSL 3-2 Chicago Fire

That match was a bit fun, wasn't it? Real Salt Lake defeated Chicago Fire with three late goals, and frankly, we're surprised we could stop talking about those. But we do take time to touch on a poor first half, changes in the second half, and the impact one particular Real Salt Lake left back had on the match.

Match preview: Houston Dynamo

It's hard to talk about Houston Dynamo with the words "set pieces" cropping up, so we get to that early. Injuries come into play, too, and we wonder if any of the injured set could be coming back, or if anyone will be out that we didn't expect earlier in the week.

Listener questions

We forgot to ask you if you had questions, and you still asked us. Thanks, all.