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2014 World Cup open thread: Marquee matchups? Who needs 'em

Paul Gilham

Yesterday saw nearly five hours of brilliant soccer, and maybe today will be just as good. The matchups aren't necessarily the most marquee, but it's the ones that aren't that can be the most exciting.

This is an open thread, so share your comments, stupid GIFs, videos of things you like on YouTube, and pictures of your breakfast. Or whatever you want, really.

The games

All times Mountain Daylight Time

10 a.m., Colombia v. Greece.

Sebastian Velasquez and Olmes Garcia will be watching this one, as will a number of MLS players. Colombia qualified with nearly two points per game from the CONMEBOL group, just behind Argentina. Greece beat out Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Lichtenstein to second place in UEFA qualifying group G and beat Romania. The difficulty of qualifying aside, neither have any MLS players on the roster, unlike our next match.

1 p.m., Uruguay v. Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has some MLS players, and even though the magnificent Alvaro Saborio is out (we're all sad about this), they might stand a sliver of a chance against one of the top teams in South America - even if their qualification hinged upon a fifth-v-fifth matchup against relative minnows Jordan.

4 p.m., England v. Italy.

Until 1973, England had never lost to Italy. Since then, they've won four times. If you wanted a historic matchup to watch this World Cup, this is it - the two met in the 1990 World Cup in the third-place match. Hopefully this match is more interesting than the one you can watch highlights of below.

6 p.m., Real Salt Lake v. Atlanta Silverbacks (live stream)

Yeah, not a World Cup match. So?

7 p.m., Ivory Coast v. Japan

Two quite capable sides, but what will happen? Maybe this can be the real surprise of the matchup.

What we saw yesterday

  • A huge, stunning, stellar, and convincing 5-1 victory by the Netherlands over reigning Cup-holders Spain
  • A Mexican side victorious over a referee denying two goals and a Cameroon side that looked unprepared for their losing position
  • A Chilean side that scored twice early and couldn't really connect after that against a struggling Australia

Coming up tomorrow

Switzerland v. Ecuador, 10 a.m.; France v. Honduras, 1 p.m.; Argentina v. Bosnia v. Herzegovina, 4 p.m.

How do I watch the games?

Our first two matches of the day are on ABC, the second two are on ESPN (the big one, no 2) - and the RSL game is on as a live stream.